Pregnancy Workout Plan

Pregnancy Workout Plan

You already know that exercise is great for your body and health, but did you know that it is most beneficial when you are pregnant? Exercise is an extremely vital part of a healthy pregnancy that specialists have recommended at least twenty to thirty minutes of moderate exercise during most or if possible, all days of the week – just be sure that your doctor or healthcare specialist has not ruled out or limited exercise / physical activities because of any present complication or medical condition.

Benefits of Having a Pregnancy Workout Plan

The benefits of being more active during your pregnancy starts immediately and this can even last for your whole life, and your child will even get the chance to experience these benefits even in utero; since exercise is vital to both you and your baby’s health, we have featured a great pregnancy workout plan that will benefit you and your child.

• Boost your Energy

We cannot deny that pregnancy literally drains your energy, but with regular exercise, it will definitely help you get through the day and easily help you cope with demanding schedules. The reason for this is because exercise strengthens and boosts your cardiovascular system which prevents you from getting tired easily; plus, you will also have enough energy to overcome stressful moments. When you have strong and toned muscles during your pregnancy, you will not be required to put too much effort when it comes to engaging in various activities such as grocery shopping, doing some housework, or even sitting through long meeting hours in the office.

But before you even plan to use the treadmill or get into the pool, make sure that you have spoken with your doctor to provide you with safety tips and guidelines for your pregnancy workout plan.

• Exercise Helps you Sleep Better

As your pregnancy develops, searching for a comfortable and perfect sleeping position can be a big challenge; yet with exercise, it will tire you out enough to help you get a more restful sleep.

• Decreases the Risk of Some Pregnancy-Related Complications

Studies have proven that getting enough exercise during your pregnancy can lower the chances of you developing preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. If you have ever been diagnosed with any of the two, it is best to speak with your doctor first regarding your pregnancy workout plan. For women who have developed gestational diabetes, having a regular pregnancy workout plan will make a huge difference: studies have shown that when a woman with this type of diabetes engaged in moderate amounts of exercise for at least three times a week, their risk of having a very large newborn baby is lessened by about 60%, leading to a 35% lower risk of undergoing a Caesarean delivery.

• Reduces the Discomfort during Pregnancy

A good pregnancy workout plan is great for strengthening your muscles which aid your body to readily cope with various pains and aches during your pregnancy. Doing a variety of stretches as well as yoga can ease any forms of back pains while walking greatly enhances your circulation; swimming, on the other hand, can strengthen and increase your abdominal muscles.

• Decreases Stress and also Lifts your Spirits and Mood

Being pregnant is known to be stressful and it mostly leaves you vulnerable to occasional mood swings; one study shows that exercise can boost your serotonin levels which is a brain chemical linked to a person’s mood, putting you into higher spirits while simultaneously lowering stress.

Risks of Excerise While Pregnant

Although exercise has been considered as beneficial and safe for pregnant women, there are still some risks that can make the whole process dangerous for some women, especially for those who have specific medical conditions. You should remember that hormones during pregnancy are stimulated, thus, have more potential to cause premature contractions. Exercise can also cause your blood to be reorganized from the internal organs right to the skeletal muscles, resulting in a significant decrease in nutrient and oxygen delivery to the placenta.

Here are some of the major concerns when you exercise when pregnant:

• Premature contractions may be brought about by hormones stimulated by the activities in your pregnancy workout plan.

• A boost in glucose consumption due to working muscles may affect the levels of fetal glucose levels.

• Overheating will affect the maternal thermoregulation and this should be avoided as much as possible, especially during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

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