Getting Pregnant Tips

Getting Pregnant Tips

A lot of couples are eager to have a child while some are hoping that their little one will be born at a specific time of the year; whether you have just begun attempting to get pregnant or have already been trying for some time, taking the time to check out for some effective getting pregnant tips that are based on great science can better increase your odds of conceiving.

To give you some effective getting pregnant tips and ideas, listed below are some of these that will definitely help you with your pregnancy.

Always Ensure to Get a Prescription Checkup

Before you and your partner officially begin, it is best that you visit your doctor to have a checkup; this is the time when you can ask your doctor about a variety of things such as prenatal vitamins containing folic acid – a B vitamin that helps protect your child from having birth defects like the spina bifida (a defect that is part of a group of birth problems called the neural tube defects).

Folic acid works adequately during your early stages of pregnancy which is why it is vital that you are getting adequate amounts of folic acid in your body even before you get pregnant. Keep in mind that one of the most crucial getting pregnant tips is by doing this cycle even before you attempt to get pregnant. If you currently have any medical problems, these need to be controlled and treated before you can safely become pregnant.

Frequently Have Intercourse

This may sound like something that every couple should know from the beginning but with everyone’s hectic schedule, this tip can be quite easy to overlook. If you are having problems timing your cycles or if by chance, you have irregular menstrual periods, fertility specialists suggest that you can start having intercourse every other day; however, the best option is to have intercourse regularly – when you are ovulating and when you are not.

Know your Menstrual Cycle

Do you know a lot about your own menstrual cycle? It is actually really helpful if you do, especially if you plan on getting pregnant; understanding your cycle is one of the most vital getting pregnant tips since this gives you an idea when you are fertile. The time of ovulation is the best moment to get pregnant which is why it is also the best time to actually focus on having intercourse. Furthermore, knowing all about your cycle also helps you become more aware of the actual signs of ovulation such as the common sign which is the change in your cervical mucus; take note that when you are most fertile, the mucus usually becomes slippery and thin. Aside from this, there are also some women who experience a one-sided hint of pain during this period.

If you prefer another method to know your cycle, there are a variety of ovulation prediction kits available which can readily assist you to predict the best times to try for getting pregnant; these do not only help assure and inform you that you are ovulating but if you are not having regular periods of intercourse, the kit will also inform you when the best time is for you to do this to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Give your Partner’s Sperm a Boost

Sperm that are healthy, abundant, and of good quality have better chances of fertilizing an egg which is why giving your partner’s sperm a boost is one of the best and most important getting pregnant tips that every woman should follow. Here are a couple of things that your partner can do to help:

1. Lessen alcohol intake; studies show that drinking alcohol daily can actually drop their sperm count and levels of testosterone while simultaneously increasing the amount of abnormal sperm.

2. Avoid using recreational drugs and smoking since these can cause poor sperm function.

3. Your partner should do their best to maintain a healthy weight since obesity can bring higher chances of diminished sperm count; it also slows down their sperm.

4. It is a must for them to get the vital nutrients to keep their sperm healthy and these include nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and calcium. All of these help in the production of strong and an abundant amount of sperm.

5. Avoid using hot tubs, saunas, and even taking hot baths since the heat kills the sperm.

Do your Best to Destress

Remember that psychologically preparing yourself for pregnancy is vital for the whole process and considering that a lot of couples today lead busy lives, trying to get pregnant can actually add to the stress. There are times when couples go straight to the IVF procedure when they cannot make any changes to their lifestyle, but before actually going through the procedure, try relaxing first by listening to relaxation music, getting adequate amounts of exercise such as yoga or Pilates; acupuncture also helps for some females.

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