IVF Success Stories

IVF Success Stories

With the advancement of science, infertility problems can now be solved using various fertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization. In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is a procedure that is done by extracting the egg from a female’s ovaries then a male’s sperm is injected into the ovaries before setting it on a laboratory dish. This can address various infertility problems such as blocked, damaged, or missing, fallopian tubes and even a wide range of infertility issues in males. Couples who wanted to have a baby but were unable to conceive naturally have gone through In Vitro Fertilization and have shared their IVF success stories to inspire other infertile couples who are experiencing the same situation as they did.

The success of IVF varies depending on a wide range of factors; these include age, your previous pregnancy, your lifestyle habits, the type of your infertility problem, and the fertility clinic where you will have your treatment done. The IVF process is a long, stressful journey, and its success rates differ for everyone; however, you should not be discouraged since a lot of people who have gone through this fertility treatment share their IVF success stories to give hope to anyone who wishes to have children.

Here are some IVF success stories:

Maria’s Story

“Me and my husband have undergone a lot of tests to see the cause of our infertility, however, it remains unexplained until now. In around 2007, we began having our fertility treatments; these included IUI and three IVF cycles. The IUI procedure was not successful, so we decided to undergo IVF. On the first cycle, eight eggs were obtained but all of these were fertilized, so the cycle had to be canceled. This left us shocked and devastated since we had to fully pay for the procedure even if it was canceled. As soon as possible, we started the second cycle where we had ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) which was followed by a blastocyst transfer. Unfortunately, my pregnancy was considered non-viable. Finally, we had a third cycle in September 2008 which was a complete success. This journey has made me and my husband closer since we faced a lot of disappointments when the first attempts failed, plus we had to deal with a lot of expenses for these treatments. However, I don’t think that this is still important since we’re now a happy family. My advice is to be prepared with the things that may go wrong even before the transfer stage, and check out other patients’ IVF success stories so you won’t lose hope.”

Sara and Raphael’s Story

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 31. My wedding and family plans were all ready but everything had to be postponed since I needed to begin treatment as soon as possible. I had to undergo chemotherapy, which my doctor told me that it may affect my fertility in the future. At the time, I had to leave family planning behind to prioritize cancer treatment which included medications that also had an impact on fertility. One day, I decided to stop the medications and attempted to get pregnant naturally; it took a year and half of trying and failing, I went to see a consultant who found out that chemotherapy had affected my ovarian reserve and that my fallopian tube also had a blockage. He suggested that I go through conventional IVF which worried me since my cancer was estrogen and progesterone receptive, which means it is hormone driven. My consultant conducted a research on my condition, then created a protocol for Natural Modified IVF which involved fewer drugs to lessen the impact on my hormones. It was really great to see a positive pregnancy at first cycle since we already expected that we’d never have children but now, I feel totally happy even though we had put all plans on hold for a long time.”

Jennifer’s Story

During my early years, I thought that life was as easy as 1,2,3 – finish school, get a well-paid job, get married then have a family. Fortunately, I accomplished the first two steps smoothly. My husband and I met when we were at the peak of our career; we enjoyed everything that came to us and eventually got married at 32. Two years had passed but we still couldn’t have children which worried our families and friends since we were turning 35, which meant I’d experience difficulties in getting pregnant. We consulted medical help and went through several tests to check our fertility, but all the results were normal and the reason why we can’t have a child was unexplained. We also failed four IUI procedures; we thought it was the end but after seeing IVF success stories online, we decided to try this which finally gave us our greatest blessing.”

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