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If you and your partner have been struggling with infertility, adopting a baby is probably the best option for you. Adoption is a common practice where a certain adult takes on the role of a parent for a child or baby who is not this specific person’s biological offspring. Keep in mind that the process of adoption always involves a variety of legal paperwork which is generally vital for the whole process to ensue.

A Post-Coital Test is necessary to check your cervical mucus right after intercourse, simply to see if there are sperm present and if these are moving regularly. The Post-Coital Test can be utilized if you are unable to get pregnant and no causes have been found even after taking other available tests. The after intercourse or Post-Coital Test is at times utilized to determine how a male’s sperm interacts with the cervical mucus of the female; it is usually scheduled when you are close to the time of ovulation when there is a large amount of mucus present, and you and your partner will be asked to have intercourse, along the early hours of the morning before the actual scheduled procedure.